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Dazzling Daze Productionz was founded by Cherish Stroman in 2013. She wanted to do something positive and exciting in her community. What would be fun and exciting but also challenging and educational? How could everyone feel like a winner? With a lot of thought and prayer, pageantry came to mind. As a young girl, Cherish was always intrigued by pageants but she didn’t agree with how extreme they were and how the contestants were negatively impacted. Those pageants also created a norm of what is considered beautiful. Unsatisfied with the world of pageantry, Ms. Stroman created a system where all contestants can feel beautiful and be considered winners. In her system, there are no try outs to become a contestant. She believes there is not one individual prettier or more qualified than the next individual. With that being said, her pageant runs on a first come first serve basis. Dazzling Daze Productionz welcomes your child to experience the Dazzling Daze Effect!


Why Dazzling Daze?

  • Engage in friendly competition

  • Bring all kids together

  • Develop confidence

  • Get to know others

  • Show Sportsmanship

  • Have a positive event in our community

  • Develop/Improve social skills

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